Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to make a timer - Lua Tutorials #1

Welcome to the first Lua tutorial! In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a timer!

First, enter this into your script:

  1. timer = 30

  2. while true do

  3. end
Do NOT run this script as it will crash your game! We need to make it count down, so type this in:

  1. timer = 30

  2. while true do
  3.    while timer ~= 0 do
  4.       timer = timer - 1
  5.       print("Time left: " .. timer)
  6.       wait(1)
  7.    end
  8. end
This script is basically now already finished, but you can easily modify it to do much more.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Game Reviews - ROBLOX Warfare

So where can I start on this game? The whole thing is a piece of crap, I vote! The owner clearly used the Base Wars plugin, and added a CTF Template, and still says he hand built that game. I caught a picture of his "game," and also noted several things while I was playing: One, the only things he added onto it were a few cars. Two, he joins the game himself and starts telling everyone to get out because it's a "killing game," and we weren't fighting! If he really did want a killing game, he'd also kill others! He just sits there spamming rockets into the sky! In short, this game is excellent if you want a piece of crap. Go play it, give it a thumbs down for me:

Play the game here.
See his forum post here.